Snow and Cannabis Vacations in Colorado make for a fun Winter!

According to Tim Cullen, Colorado Harvest Company’s co-owner, Colorado is seeing a lot of people coming in because they want to have fun on the slopes and smoke some weed too. It seems that a lot of people think that cannabis and skiing make for a pretty perfect vacation.

Problems have been reported when holiday makers want to take a piece of Colorado home with them—and no, we’re not talking about the snow.

It has transpired, that some snow- and cannabis-vacation makers want to take some of the fabulous and good quality weed that they experience in Colorado back with them to wherever they came from, and this can be problematic. Cannabis is legal in some states, such as Colorado, but it is not legal in all of America. Marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the country.

Dispensary owners admit to feeling that the eyes of the American authorities are on them, as they encourage cannabis vacationers to enjoy the weed in the place where they bought it, and not to take it to other states when they return from their 420 vacation. There are also limits placed on the amount of weed that can be bought at one time, but that is not to say that a 420-travel holiday maker cannot visit more than one store in a day in order to stock up.  

If you are going on a 420 vacation, Bud and Breakfast advise that you consume the weed that you buy responsibly and within the state in which you legally bought it. The best thing about Bud and Breakfast’s 420 hotel accommodations, is that many of our hosts allow you to consume marijuana on the property in which you are staying. This means that you can do so legally and safely.Cannabis Vacation

Don’t make the mistake of trying to travel in between states with cannabis on your person. In many states possession is still not legal, and you’ll get yourself in a whole heap of bother. That’s no way to end a cannabis vacation, is it?

Plus, there is no need, as with Bud and Breakfast you can stay in a 420 hotel and consume weed in privacy and completely legally.

Browse Bud and Breakfast’s properties, and you’ll have so much fun when you get to your legal cannabis-friendly accommodation, you’ll not feel the need to go elsewhere! And don’t worry, we think that before long, more states will understand that cannabis has great mental and physical health benefits and will consider legalizing it.

Right now, it seems that Colorado has two big things going for it. Slopes and weed—sometimes at the same time, but be careful if that’s your bag; smoking marijuana then throwing yourself down a mountain might sound like fun, but make sure that you are consuming responsibly.


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