Colorado has really upped the stakes for cannabis tourism recently. First of all Bud and Breakfast was a thing—offering cannabis-friendly accommodations—and the company way founded in Colorado. Now it seems that wine and weed is totally a thing in the Rocky Mountain State also.

We are talking farm-to-table dinners, accompanied with the relevant spirits, but the big difference is that the option to now have a meal paired with cannabis is there. Even celebrity chefs are getting involved.

Philip Wolf, founder of the cannabis pairing events in Colorado, says that it was his dream to see cannabis being treated with respect, and simply enjoyed. Wolf is the operator of Cultivating Spirits—sophisticated cannabis experiences such as food and wine pairing with cannabis additions—but has a background in opening dispensaries earlier on when marijuana was just being made legal in Colorado.

Cultivating Spirits offers consumers the opportunity to sample “world-class, locally  harvested, small-batch cannabis” alongside fine wines and dining. It is the first of its kind of  for sure, but it is probably also set to be the first of many now that cannabis tourism is growing so.

Despite the fact that state authorities often won’t say it, there is a lot of evidence that cannabis tourism in Colorado has been very beneficial for the state. In July, $96 million worth of recreational marijuana was sold in Colorado, and that is a record-breaking month for the state.

Tyler Henson, president of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, says that the numbers are proof that recreational cannabis tourism is increasing, and that is because people want to travel to the state and try out some of the best cannabis in the world.

Henson indicates that there is also a sort of badge of honor associated with being able to say that you have been to Colorado and smoked some of the best pot available.

With his upper-class cannabis offering, Wolf—who is a six-year cannabis-industry veteran—is hoping to change perceptions surrounding marijuana consumption. And good on him. In the same way that one should be able to enjoy a glass of wine or a craft beer in style and without fear of judgement, cannabis consumption should not be something that needs to be hidden.

The cannabis tour experience will see you picked up in a limo from a cannabis-friendly accommodation, and transported in style to the Cultivating Spirits Eatery in Silverthorne. There you will enjoy a meal crafted by a personal chef, before continuing on to High Country Healing for the opportunity to purchase cannabis from the dispensary.

After that, you will be transported to the Frisco Wine Merchant and treated to a private cheese and wine tasting, before embarking on a sunset cruise around the beautiful lake Dillion.

If all that sounds fabulous but you suspect it is a little out of your price range, you can arrange your own cannabis tour. Simply look for a Bud and Breakfast accommodation, and book your own! Cannabis tourism is for everyone, and can be enjoyed on any budget.

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