Think Colombia and you probably think “coffee.” Well, this time next year you might be thinking “cannabis.”

The coffee growing country is setting plans in place for a new crop, and with the growing number of states that are looking to legalize marijuana consumption who can blame them? Many states are now changing legislation around medical marijuana, and in some, recreational cannabis is following suit.

The profits are vast, and the scope is huge for the cannabis industry. We are seeing a great rise in cannabis tourism in states where recreational use is legal, and these tax dollars are attractive to other states and countries.

In 2012, Colombia decriminalized the possession of small amounts of illicit drugs.  The idea, is that the country would take a more health-centric approach to drugs. That is not just pertaining to weed, where citizens can possess up to 22 grams for personal use, but also to cocaine. A person can have up to one gram of cocaine in Columbia.

Rather than fining or locking people up who are found in possession of drugs, psychological medical treatment may be prescribed.

President Juan Manuel Santos’ issued a surprise executive decree, stating that there is going to be a new marijuana program in operation soon. Senator Juan Manuel Galan always been very in favor of legalizing cannabis production for medicinal use. He estimates in the region of 400,000 Colombian citizens will be aided by a regulated and official medical cannabis market.cannabis

What do you think? Is Colombian Gold going to make a comeback? It was once considered to be the gold standard of cannabis and sought after by many as one of the very best strains of weed that could be bought—on the black market, of course.

The news is certainly causing a stir. “Our phones are ringing off the hook as we get ready for the next chapter,” says John Campo, who is the president of Sannabis—a company that develops cannabis-infused oils.

Once President Juan Manuel Santos signs the executive decree into law, official growers will be licensed by the Colombian government. There are already murmurs around the potential for exporting Colombian-grown weed, although at the moment, this might be a bit of a pipe dream (pin intended!).

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