Sales of medical marijuana products are now legal in Croatia. Cannabis products are to be used for medical purposes only, but this spells great progress for pro-marijuana campaigners.

The legalization of medical marijuana was sparked following a hoo-har in which a severely ill person was arrested for cannabis procession. The detainee was a multiple sclerosis sufferer, and he was growing cannabis plants in order to use the weed to help him overcome chronic pain. When he was detained, pro-cannabis supporters rallied in his defense.

The man was a EU member living in a village close to Rijeka—a northern city on the Adriatic coast—and he was found to be growing cannabis plants in his garden. The police raided his house, and confiscated 44 pounds of marijuana. The man claimed that these plants were for his personal use, and that he mainly used them to make cannabis oil, which was effective in easing his symptoms.

Cannabis contains THC, and this is the plant’s primary psychoactive ingredient. Now that marijuana for medical purposes is legal in Croatia, doctors out there can prescribe medical marijuana to patients who qualify for it. Health problems that can be ease with weed include cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and epilepsy.

There are a number of rules and regulations: marijuana can only be prescribed for a maximum of 30 days, and in a 30 day period, no more than 7.5 grams in total can be consumed.

Croatia now joins fellow EU countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands as a country that now allows some degree of medical marijuana use. medical marijuana

We wonder how long it will be before more EU countries join with the likes of Amsterdam, and allow for recreational cannabis consumption. As the United States allow such use in more and more states, we have really seen cannabis tourism skyrocket alongside the rest of the cannabis industry. Bud and Breakfast is always looking for more hosts, so if you have an accommodation in an area which allows for pot to be used, you should consider registering with our cannabis-friendly accommodations.

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