Santee Sioux tribeA tribe in South Dakota have unveiled plans to open a marijuana resort geared to the cannabis consuming traveler. The Santee Sioux tribe have already proven that they are not behind the times when it comes to running businesses—they already operate a very successful casino and a hotel that accommodates 120 rooms. The South Dakota tribe also run a 240-head buffalo ranch on the plains.

Despite being successful, the tribe have felt the pains of the great recession, and this is why they are looking to take on a marijuana resort geared towards weed tourism.

“We want it to be an adult playground,” tribal President Anthony Reidersaid. “There’s nowhere else in American that has something like this.”

The Santee Sioux tribe has just 400 people, but they have great plans for opening the nations first ever marijuana resort. Should it be a success, this may turn out to be a model for tribes in other areas of the United States. It is a bit of an experiment at this stage, but if the other indicators of cannabis travel and tourism are anything to go by, things are looking bright.

The plan is that the tribe will invest in their own cannabis growing land, and then sell it in a smoking lounge. This smoking lounge will include features such as bar and food service, a nightclub, arcade games, and there are plans to include slot machines and an outdoor music venue too. Santee Sioux tribe

What’s more, is that the tribal growers are keen to show the state how it should be done. They aspire to grow marijuana and sell it in a clean operation. They are out to prove how safe and secure their “adult playground” can be; plus of course, they want to show how profitable it is too.

Even in states where cannabis is legal such as Colorado and Washington, a marijuana resort as such has not been tried. In states where pot consumption is illegal in public such as Colorado, pot-activists have been pressing for looser rules. There are a couple of private lounges open in Colorado that are tolerated, but these operate as private marijuana clubs.

The little-known Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation is on 5,000 acres of gently rolling land along the Big Sioux River. The tribes are very reliant on the money that the casinos bring in, and they are hopeful that their planned marijuana resort will prove fruitful.

The tribes are subject to a number of rules, and the marijuana is not allowed to leave the resort. Consumers will be limited to 1 gram at any time, which is enough for just two joints.

Since the Santee Sioux announced their marijuana resort plans, there have been a number of other tribes looking to copycat. The Suquamish tribe and Washington state officials have signed a 10-year agreement that will overlook the processing and production, as well as the retail aspect of cannabis on the tribes land.

As the 420 tourism industry grows, the cannabis-friendly accommodations offered by Bud and Breakfast are another area in which entrepreneurial endeavor is proving that there is a big market for weed tourism.

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