According to thousands of Scots and UK residents, pot should be legal in the United Kingdom. More than 220,000 UK residents have signed a petition calling for the government to legalize marijuana, and this action has been responsible for a parliamentary debate.

Records show that out of any United Kingdom city, Glasgow has the most people who are in favor of making pot legal. The biggest percentage of people supporting the move come from this area of Scotland. In total, 564 Glaswegians in Glasgow central have signed the petition, and a another large percentage comes from Glasgow North.

All in all, a total of 22,620 Scottish residents have signed the petition calling for the legalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

At the moment, pot is considered a B-class drug in the United Kingdom. The maximum sentence that would be given to any person found with marijuana would be five years. Many residents of Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom apparently feel that pot should be legal, however, the government seem unconvinced by the recent campaign.

Seeing as the UK government seem to have no immediate plans to make pot legal over there, we think that the Brits and Scots would be very welcome over here. Bud and Breakfast has a plethora of cannabis accommodations situated in areas of the United States were it is perfectly legal to consume marijuana.

Of course, pot should always be used responsibly, but there are plenty of resources out there for the first time cannabis user. If smoking is not your deal, then there are also other ways to safely consume pot.

The best thing about safe and organized 420 travel is that hosts are usually more than happy to accommodate the questions that their guests might have about cannabis. There are also staff at dispensaries who are professionals when it comes to guiding first time pot users about which strain of cannabis to use, and how to consume. Cannabis Accommodations

The UK government might be falling behind the times when it comes to marijuana, but travelers are more than welcome in places like Colorado and other states where pot is legal. Just check out Bud and Breakfast’s listing to find your perfect cannabis accommodation.

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