The next GOP debate will be hosted in sunny Colorado on Colorado cannabis toursOctober 25, 2015, and things are really hotting up as the Rocky Mountain State is the spotlight of much debate on marijuana industry and the legalization of recreational cannabis.

At the GOP debate last Wednesday evening, Colorado was mentioned far more than any other state and was the focus of conversation surrounding cannabis. Jake Tapper, CNN’s debate moderator asked Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to stand by federal law in Colorado and put a halt to recreational cannabis use.

“I personally think this is a crime where the only victim is the individual,” Paul said of marijuana use. “And I think America has to take a different attitude.”

Paul went on to say that is was not his opinion that the federal government should be able to overrule the states level decision. He also took the opportunity to take a dig at Jeb Bush and indicate that it was hypocritical for Bush to take a stance against cannabis as someone who has previously admitted that he used marijuana in school many years ago.

Bush’s reply to this certainly lightened the atmosphere, as he admitted that his mother is probably not happy at all that he smoked pot at University, be he also pointed out that was a good 40 years ago, and that he should not be judged today by his actions then.

The last word lay with Carly Fiorino, whose daughter died of a drug overdose. “We must invest more in the treatment of drugs,” she said. “I agree with Sen. Paul. I agree with states’ rights. But we are misleading people when we tell them that marijuana is just like having a beer — it’s not.”

While some people still label marijuana as a “gateway drug,” this again, is something that is opinion more than it is fact at this time. Chris Christie has been known to oppose the legalization of marijuana because he thinks that it is a gateway drug and that even medical allowances are supporting what could lead to more serious drug addictions. However, when accused of not supporting the 10th amendment, he counted that he does support the state’s rights, and what Colorado decides is up to them.

Paul stated: “Colorado has made their decision and I don’t want the federal government interfering and putting moms in jail for simply trying to get their children medication,”

What is obvious to most of us, is that this is all a display of politicians being politicians, and hedging on the side of what they think the more popular stance on cannabis is among American voters. At Bud and Breakfast, we know exactly where our opinion lies on the question of recreational cannabis, and we think that the success that our cannabis accommodations have seen of late is testament to what others feel also.

The debate will undoubtedly come around again at the next meeting, especially as it is being hosted in Colorado—a state in which marijuana is legal, and is proving to bring in quite a lot of tax revenue. The debate will be at the university’s Coors Events Center and will center on the economy.

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