Last month, Bud and Breakfast covered the suggested First Church of Cannabis founded by enthusiast Bill Levin. At that time, Levin was pretty confident that his plans to find a location for the church to operate out of and to hold a service on July 1, 2015, would go accordingly.

He was also confident that the service attendees would be able to spark up and smoke some weed—420 style.

Levin stated that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) would protect him and his congregation from arrest. But it turned out not to be the case and Levin has been arrested for possession of what is still considered to be an illegal substance: marijuana.

According to Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and IMPD Chief Rick Hite, because cannabis is still illegal, RFRA does not protect people from using it—even if that use is claimed as religious. Curry says that for smoking in public, Levin could be arrested and so could anyone else with him.

Levin is still adamant that he will hold his services for what he calls a “wonderful new religion.”On the plus side for him, his church has been granted non-profit status by the IRS.

The State of Indiana has no medical marijuana laws, and possession of marijuana is illegal. If you are interested in learning where smoking pot is legal then you can check out our guides on marijuana tourism in states where weed is legal. With Bud and Breakfast’s cannabis accommodations, you can find areas where you can enjoy weed for both medical and recreational purposes.

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