A $12 million medical center in New South Wales has been touted by the states’s premier, Mike Baird, as a world leader. The facility seeks to enable world leaders in the industry to share ideas, and to ease research, production and delivery of weed for medical purposes.

Baird spoke about the healing benefits of cannabis and the moving storied of patients whose lives have been changed for the better as a result of being given access to medical marijuana. He is not the only person who favors pot as medication, and with the growing needs of the Baby Boomer population, it is becoming more and more important that people can use cannabis for a number of illnesses and diseases.

They need to be able to use cannabis medication wherever they go also. Weed travel also is a service that allows patients to continue to use their medication when they go on vacation.

The Center for Cannabis Research and Innovation has been partly made possible by a monetary contribution from The Lambert Initiative and will be led by Mary O’Kane, a New South Wales Chief Scientist. Baird has said that they look forward to partnering with other foundations and research initiatives as the benefits of cannabis are further explored.

Pru Goward, the Minister for Medical Research says that the center will “transform the medicinal cannabis sector in NSW by providing a formal network for experts from around the world to share their knowledge and research.” Baird also points out that the therapeutic values of cannabis have been known for centuries, and that the center will enhance understanding of how marijuana works as a remedy for so many illnesses.

Seeing huge investment into medical cannabis and such highly regarded health experts back them is a large plus in favor of decriminalization of pot and is also helpful for the understanding of people who still see weed as a bad thing. The more money put into research centers and deepening the understanding of how and why cannabis is an effective medicine can only aid the fight for those who are in favor of legalization.

In the meantime, there are just four states in which recreational cannabis is legal, and people who have not been given a prescription in a state where pot is legal for medical purposes have to travel in order to experience. The healing benefits of cannabis can be seen in subtle recreational use also, so weed travel to legal states is on the increase as a growing number of people wonder how pot can help them overcome more minor aliments and discomforts. Many also understand how cannabis is an effective and (if used responsibly) safe stress reliever.

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