Apparently, a successful cannabis club in Uruguay is rather like a five star restaurant. Customer’s every tastes are pandered too, and the bar is high when it comes to quality and service. Gourmet marijuana service differentiates these types of establishments from the average distillery.

In 1993, Uruguay’s Congress legalized cannabis, and over the last year has steadily implemented various aspects of the law. Later in 2014, the government began registering growers clubs, which are allowed to cultivate almost 100 plants. There is also a limit on members, with just 45 people allowed to join. There are a number of other rules also. For example, members are not allowed to be growers in the club while they are also growing plants at home. It is also not allowed for a person to be a member of more than one club at the same time.

The clubs, which are sprouting up around Montevideo, are essentially giant greenhouses where members can grow plants to their liking and, of course, smoke a joint or two to test a harvest.

“Today, we have to whet the palates of club members,” said Vaz, the technical adviser of Club Canabico Sativa in Montevideo, the South American country’s capital.

Joining Canabico Sativa requires a $400 enrollment fee and then monthly payments of $92. The fee is high so that the clubs can make sure that they have the equipment required to produce the highest quality weed. If the quality of the cannabis that they are providing falls, there is high competition for members.

Uruguay’s 420 accommodations are also available on Bud and Breakfast, meaning that travelers interested in checking out the scene can easily find a place to stay. As cannabis tourism increases, more and more hosts have found success with the 420 industry.

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