Medical marijuana is now legal in a variety of forms as ruled by the Canadian Supreme Court. This means that patients are allowed to consume cannabis in edible form or oils rather than just smoke it.

The availability of cannabis oil for patients means that they can use it to bake their own brownies and other forms of edible treats. The unanimous vote and ruling is said to have outraged Health Minister Rona Ambrose. Ambrose’s opinion is that weed has never been through the standard regulatory testing that medicine has to go though in order to be deemed as safe for use. We would argue that one look at the history of cannabis shows that the weed has been used safely by humans for centuries.  In fact, the health benefits of cannabis are vast, and a growing number of people have found relief from myriad diseases.

This ruling has been brewing for a number of years as the case originally began in 2009 after a baker from the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada was charged with unlawful possession and trafficking of weed.

Owen Smith, the former head baker of the club was caught baking 200 pot cookies. Thankfully, Smith was acquitted by a British Columbia Judge. After the case, Canada’s government was put under pressure to change laws around extracting cannabis. When a year had passed and nothing much had changed, the case then wound up in the Supreme Court.

The Court came to the consensus that restricting medical marijuana patients to only dried weed products was “null and void.”From now on, any 420 patient can use oils and extracts to make brownies and other baked goods should they want to. For some, eating weed medication is a preferable way of consuming.

Other states are continually looking at the 420 scene and considering legalizing weed for recreation. The four states that are 420-friendly are being closely watched to see what the effect of making pot use acceptable are.  Colorado, which has some of the most relaxed marijuana laws in the whole of the United States has been most scrutinized.  The Rocky Mountain State has seen great financial benefits from regulating and taxing weed, in the first year the industry brought home $50 million.

Medical marijuana is used for a variety of ailments and illnesses. As a great and natural reliever of chronic pain, many people have found that they are better able to manage disease and discomfort if they consume a small and prescribed amount of weed. Sometimes this is in place of other pharmaceuticals, and sometimes it is used alongside other medication.

When people who have been prescribed medical cannabis travel, they need to find 420-friendly accommodations so that they can continue to use weed while they are away from home. For this reason, the cannabis tourism industry has taken off. People cannot afford to cease using medication when they go on vacation. As weed becomes more accepted over the world, weed travel and 420 tours are something of a growing and essential part of the solution.

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