Quick Facts:

Is medicinal cannabis legal? Yes

Is recreational marijuana legal? Yes

Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2000, but thanks to Amendment 64, cannabis is now legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes in the state of Colorado. The result has been a large increase in the number of people visiting the state on cannabis tours, and Denver is now a destination for marijuana tourism. Accommodations have reacted by opening up 420-friendly hotels and rentals to meet the demand.

Adults (people over the age of twenty one) can consume and possess a limited amount of cannabis (see our guide here for more details). The legalization also authorized licensing of cultivation, product manufacturing, testing facilities and of course, retail stores.

Local governments can now regulate the industry completely, and if they see fit, they can ban facilities. Excise taxes apply for wholesalers.

Regulation means that a person can be disciplined for driving under the influence of marijuana and safe consumption can be advised. Because Denver is such a vibrant city, and Colorado is home of the Rocky Mountains, this is a great location for cannabis tours and tourists who want to travel to and stay in accommodations that allow marijuana. There is a lot to do in terms of outdoor activities like hiking and mountain park sightseeing.

If you are interested in finding cannabis accommodations in Denver or Colorado, Bud and Breakfast has a list of places that might interest you.

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