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In this video documentary, Adam Eidinger, chairman of the DC Cannabis Campaign, explains how running for marijuana is sort of similar to running for city mayor. The passionate support that Eidinger receives in the daily grind of lobbying for the legal status of cannabis is shown, as are the measures that Eidinger has to go to in order to make himself heard.

Case to point:On March 17, a campaign contingent showed up at House offices on Capitol Hill dressed in full 18th Century colonial garments, offering “peace pipes” to the congressmen who got off on the wrong side the city. They scouted for support signitures at the same time and managed to get more than 57,000. Not bad, but not an easy feat either.

They called what turned out to be a movement very popular with the local public “Ye Olde Colonial Constituents Day.”

Eidinger has big plans for DC, and this video shows how he wants to go about doing things.

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