New Ganjapreneur scene in Oregon is something to get excited about. 

Since passing Measure 91 to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational use in November 2014, Oregon is the latest state attracting enterprising Ganjapreneurs. While the federal government certainly hasn’t made the process easy for Oregon-based Ganjapreneurs, a few businesses have persevered. Currently, there are a handful of MMJ clinics spread throughout Oregon, but only a few that are able to serve recreational clientele. If you want to see exactly what the status of weed is in your state, or where you should be looking to travel to and stay in cannabis accommodations, we have a list right here. 

One such recreational dispensary making light of the DEA’s strong push back to permit seed to growers for recreational use is Brooklyn Holding Company. Walking through the doors of the distribution center is somewhat like taking a step back to the 1920s when prohibition of alcohol was in full force. The lobby, sales floor and waiting area are speakeasy-themed. Your bud-tenders sell the theme in their era appropriate garb. And the mindset of Brooklyn Holding Company’s owners is to change the view normally assigned to Ganjapreneurs.

Oregon is a hotbed for creative-types, hosting one of the highest populations of liberal arts major seekers in the United States. Many of these students turn up as floor reps for these dispensaries, lending a little additional flavor to the experience. With the highest percentage of pot smokers per capita in Oregon, there’s no shortage of job offerings with the coming of recreational distribution.

Oregon State University posits the passing of Measure 91 will result in $35 million to $105 million in net tax revenue. This is good news for many in the economically depressed workforce. In most dispensaries across Oregon, many bud-tenders can make up to $20 per hour and growers are averaging $2,400 per pound of cannabis produced.

Another trend on the rise in Oregon is that of lodging establishments and private vacation rentals offering property for rent to traveling fans of cannabis. According to Measure 91, no person is allowed to consume marijuana in a public setting. This presents a problem for those traveling from out of state and looking to vacation in Oregon whilst partaking of the green. Conversely, it also presents opportunity.

Websites like showcase some of the vacation rentals and lodging establishments who open their doors to welcome the marijuana-friendly crowd. This, another group of Ganjapreneurs, are showing compassion, understanding and education to marijuana enthusiasts—as well as fellow Ganjapreneurs.



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