At Bud and Breakfast, we love it when another piece of cannabis history is uncovered, and if you have accommodations in Russia, you should certainly look into this new finding of ancient bongs. Even if you are in another part of the world, the emerging interest generated around weed is a good thing. The more and more marijuana use is accepted as a long-standing part of human history the better.

Long live the bong!

Archaeologists have dug up what are thought to be 2,400-year-old bongs manufactured out of pure gold from a site in Russia. Apparently they would have been used by royalty of a tribal nature to get stoned. If weed was good enough for Russian royalty, it is surely good enough to be legal.

Further tests have shown that the two bongs were used for consuming cannabis and opium. The site resulted in being a real treasure trove, as the bongs were just a couple of items among many of great value. A gold bracelet was found, a heavy finger ring, a couple of neck rings and three gold cups. All in all, a combined weight of seven pounds of gold was discovered: not bad for a chance find.

That might have been a good thing, as historical reports claim that this particular tribe, the Scythians, was violent in nature. Indulging in marijuana, the drug of peace, was probably a relaxation technique, and a much needed one.

Historians claim that these vessels were used in marijuana rituals performed by the Scyhians. This tribe ruled the Euraisian grasslands for 1,000 years and was known for being ferocious. The ritual practices were first recorded around 425BC by Greek historian Herodotus.

This fascinating find is another piece of evidence to show that cannabis has been consumed for most of human history, and in fact has been an important part of human life.

The excavation was initially started in order to clear a path for a power line project. Because it looked like there had already been a fair amount of looting having already taken place at the site, nobody really expected to find anything of any value. However, it turns out that there was a thick layer of clay that had been concealing a rectangular chamber lined with stones. It was in here that the golden 2,400 years old artefacts had been buried.

Andrei Belinski, from Stavropol, was one of the historians working on the site. He believes that the bongs were used to brew up cannabis, and possibly opium too, into a concoction. Antonn Gass, another historian says that it is “beyond doubt” that the two drugs were consumed simultaneously.

This fantastic haul of treasure was actually discovered a couple of years ago in mid-2013, but kept top secret so that other looters would not find out and raid the site. Now that the final excavations have been completed, the news has been announced. As history unfolds surrounding the use of cannabis, we cannot help but get even more excited about cannabis accommodations and tourism. Just think, soon travelers will be able to go on world weed tours, and visit such interesting and ancient sites.

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