Cannabis accommodations are becoming more abundant in a response to the marijuana tourism that is a growing industry in weed-friendly states—and they are becoming more family-friendly than ever too. Despite the fact that a large number of hotels and accommodation or lodging providers have already jumped on board with 420 offerings, it is still early enough in the game that there is space for more. Mostly, it is the more commercial hotels and lodges that are hesitant when it comes to allowing pot to be consumed on premises, and because of this, there is still a large demand for more accommodations that allow cannabis to be used in them.

Off the back of the commercial tourism industry’s slowness to respond, private accommodations owners have discovered a niche in which they are not only competitive to the larger hotels, but are now able to offer something that these more dominant industry players cannot: they welcome marijuana. Some even provide it. cannabis accommodations and marijuana tourism

In Colorado, the state law says that it is up to the individual rental property or hotel to decide whether or not they are going to allow guests to smoke pot. A number of hotels have outright said “No” and banned marijuana consumption, but others have been a little more open (to the profits?) and have areas designated to pot. Of course, when it comes to vaporizing weed or edibles, it is easier as there is no smoke involved.

Marijuana Friendly Accommodations: Be Discrete

Even through cannabis may be legal in states such as Colorado, you cannot consume it in public. Travelers are encouraged to be discrete and respect the preferences of the accommodation host who they are staying with. The law says it is okay to consume marijuana in private places, but there are so many grey areas that it is wise to be cautious.

Marijuana has intentionally been given a bad reputation, but that is changing now. It is a plant, and therefore one of the most natural pain-relievers that a person can consume—plus it has far fewer side effects than many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly prescribed.

If you are over the age of twenty one, you can legally own one ounce of cannabis in Colorado, well actually, you can have one ounce of THC. You do not need to be a resident, and this is the reason that marijuana tourism in the state of Colorado is becoming such a growing industry. As more hosts become open to letting the guests in their accommodations consume cannabis, we can only imagine that this will get even more of a popular vacation destination.

-Tabitha Farrar

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