It has been known for some time that President Barack Obama views weed as less harmful than alcohol. He’s also stated that he smoked marijuana as a kid, and sees it as a bad habit or a vice similar to cigarettes. Obama does not encourage the use of cannabis, but he doesn’t believe that people should be doing jail time for being found in possession of pot either.

How about the other presidential candidates?

Jeb Bush, a former Florida Governor has admitted to having smoked marijuana in the past, but he opposes the legalization of pot both recreationally and medically. Last year, Bush released a statement that asked Florida voters to reject the ballot initiative set in place to legalize cannabis.

Thankfully, the majority of people in Florida disagree with Bush’s concerns that legalizing cannabis will be harmful to the reputation of the state. However, the pro-vote fell 3 percent short of the 60 percent majority that it would have needed to pass.

Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator, is pretty open about his opinion when it comes to cannabis. He is part of a group pushing for an end to the federal ban on marijuana so that doctors, patients and businesses in any American state would no longer have to fear federal prosecution.

Paul has not openly admitted to using pot, but he has indicated as much, and admitted that he was no choirboy in school.

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, signed a bill legalizing CBD last year, but he still thinks that cannabis is a “gateway drug” and a substance that should currently remain illegal. He denies having ever smoked marijuana and admits that the wildest thing he ever did in school was drink a beer.

Marco Rubio, Florida Senator, is in support of legalization with limits. He is in favor of marijuana so long as nobody gets high. Medical usage is fine in Rubio’s book, but anything else is not. Alongside Bush, Rubio opposed the ballot to legalize medicinal marijuana in the Sunshine State.

Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator, admits that he has smoked pot in the past, but is shifty in his position on it. “Let the states decide” Cruz says. It seems that Cruz would rather pick holes in the Obama administration than talk about cannabis., but he is in support of the experiment that Colorado has embarked upon.

Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, says that he has never smoked marijuana. He strongly believes in the gateway drug theory and states that his opposition to cannabis is confirmed every time he steps foot in Colorado. “Go to Colorado and see if you want to live there” is Christies message to anyone who is in favor of legalization.

Funny, many of us do, and we think it’s doing just fine. I wonder what areas of Colorado Christie is frequenting in order for him to have formed such a low opinion?

Regardless of where he has been, Christie says that cannabis is not the image that New Jersey wants to project.

Hilary Clinton supports the legalization of medical marijuana “under appropriate circumstances,” buts says that she didn’t smoke pot as a teenager and she is not going to start as an adult.

According to a CBS news poll, whether or not a candidate admits to having smoked pot in the past would not affect their vote. A majority of 53 percent of American’s are in support of legalizing cannabis, which is more than ever before.

-Tabitha Farrar

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