Marijuana enthusiasts all over the country will be lighting up to celebrate the mother of all 420-friendly holidays happening, of course, on April 20th. If you’re one of those last minute planners who is still trying to figure out what to do this 4/20, have no fear! This guide will lead you in the direction of all things related to this holy grail of stoner holidays.

Currently, the states that allow marijuana for recreational consumption include Washington, Colorado, and Alaska. While several other states have measures on the ballot to legalize marijuana for recreational use, these are currently the only three states where this legislation has taken effect. Each of these states will most certainly hold their own 420 celebrations respectfully. However, since ballot measures were only recently passed in Alaska, event information in that state is still forthcoming. Here’s what to look out for in Colorado and Washington for this mother of all marijuana holidays.


In the days leading up to 420, the Denver 420 Festival Tour 2015 kicks off. Think of this as somewhat like a pub-crawl except instead of pubs and beer, visitors will enjoy a tour of Denver’s finest dispensaries and sample some of the most premium strains. The 420 Festival Tour hits Denver on April 18th and 19th.

As far as what is happening on the actual day, there’s no shortage of venues from which to choose. Perhaps the most anticipated celebration is the 420 In The Streets event featuring Cypress Hill, Method Man, and Redman downtown at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Snoop Dogg will also be gracing the Mile High City with his presence on April 20th with a concert billed at Fiddler’s Green.

Those traveling to Colorado to partake of 420 celebrations have lots of choices for marijuana-friendly accommodations. However, rooms are expected to fill fast, so be smart and book your reservation ahead.


The biggest 420 fest in Washington is perhaps the HempFest which will be held at the Factory Luxe in Seattle. This is a member’s only party, however, so you must have a special membership to attend. Dinner and drinks will be served and a chocolate fountain will be available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Attendees can also participate in a joint rolling class at the event.

As with Colorado, marijuana-friendly lodging is available during the days leading up to and on 4/20, but don’t get left high and dry! The sooner that you book your room early. Be sure that you confirm at the time of booking that you are interested in a “420 room”.

Needless to day, there will be plenty for ganja fans to do on 4/20 throughout Washington and Colorado. No matter where you end up on this holiday, be certain that you know the laws regarding possessing, carrying, and partaking of marijuana in the respective state where you intend on celebrating. Each state may differ slightly in what is legally acceptable. You most definitely don’t want to ruin your high by getting caught unaware.