The retail cannabis industry has really taken off since legislation was passed to legalize it for recreational use. Currently, there are four states that have legalized recreational usage while several others have approved it for medicinal use. Of the four approved for recreational use, Colorado, Washington, and Alaska currently allow residents and visitors (twenty one years of age and older) to buy recreationally, while Oregon is set to open it’s doors for retail distribution in July 2015.

Despite marijuana being available for retail use in these states, there are pretty strict regulations regarding the usage of pot. For example, marijuana users are not allowed to partake of the green in any public place or while driving. For some avid travelers, this can have an effect on your travel plans. If you’re a daily smoker, or even use marijuana medicinally, there’s some things you should know. First, not all lodging establishments allow or accept marijuana use on site.

However, an emerging trend in the hospitality world is the ‘bud and breakfast’ trend. Several lodging establishments across the states that allow for recreational use are adopting a “420-friendly” policy to accommodate those guests who want to enjoy cannabis on the premises. This trend is fed by the increasing number of people who are indulging in what is known as the retail marijuana tourism industry. This budding industry is attracting several marijuana-friendly businesses, but the bud and breakfast concept is quickly gaining traction.

The necessity for bud and breakfast establishments grew from the increasing number of visitors traveling from out of state to indulge in the retail marijuana industry. Since the current laws in these states stipulate that public consumption is not allowed, many of these out-of-state ganja fans are left holding the bag, with no where to smoke without running the risk of being arrested. However, where there is a need to be filled, there’s always someone to figure out a way to capitalize on it.

According to the International Business Times, gourmet kitchens, day spas, and luxury hotels are amongst the leading tourist destinations to open their doors to vacationers looking for a safe place to toke. Some bud and breakfast establishments even offer THC-laced edibles and an entire menu of other marijuana consumables for use by guests who stay at their retreats. Many of the rooms come fully equipped with various types of smoking apparatuses and all the comforts befitting a true stoner experience.

“It is, in part, a break from what some in the industry describe as a prevailing misconception that legal weed is for dreadlocked, seasoned stoners, or that it can’t be enjoyed in a safe, comfortable and upscale environment.” -Philip Ross/International Business Times

This growing tourism trend has opened up the retail market to a bevy of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Although there is not currently any data collected to represent this sector of the tourism industry, several lodging establishments offering 420-friendly policies are experiencing a surge in reservations. If this trend continues, finding a 420-friendly room may be as simple as checking off the option at check-in. It is yet to be determined, however, if national chains will choose to follow suit.