Celebrities are just like normal people really, and they use cannabis too. Well, now at least they can admit to it.

In cannabis’s history, marijuana prohibition has been the subject of hot debate for several years. People who support the decriminalization of cannabis cite the several practical and medicinal benefits. Others who rally against the lift on prohibition say that marijuana can be dangerous. In spite of the naysayers arguments, there’s several public figures who have stepped up to use their influence in order to show support for the decriminalization of marijuana. Some of these may come as a surprise while others seem pretty obvious.

Huffington Post featured an expose titled 10 Most Unexpected Marijuana Reform Supporters back in 2012, right as the measure to legalize cannabis for recreational in four states hit the ballot. Many unexpected allies for marijuana reform were featured in this article, namely several politicians and conservative news reporters. Amongst the list, Glenn Beck, of Fox News, Rick Perry, the Republican governor of Texas, and Pat Robertson, Christian televangelist, have all shown their support for the lift on prohibition.

“[If] you want to go somewhere where you can smoke medicinal weed, then you ought to be able to do that.” -Rick Perry

From the celebrity front, rock singer Melissa Etheridge, actor Danny Glover, comedian Hal Sparks have been some of the most outspoken when it comes to supporting legalization. Melissa Etheridge reports using cannabis for medicinal purposes to help her cope with the side effects of the chemotherapy she received after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Glover took a more political standpoint, saying that people of ethnic backgrounds are unfairly scrutinized under the current prohibition.

Other big name celebrities who have shown support for the legalization of cannabis include: actresses Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, and actors Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Robert Downey Jr., and Jack Nicholson. Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, and musicians Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and John Legend also support the cannabis for recreational use.

“I do smoke, but I don’t go through all this trouble just because I want to make my drug of choice legal. It’s about personal freedom. We should have the right in this country to do what we want, if we don’t hurt anybody. Seventy-two million people in this country have smoked pot. Eighteen to 20 million in the last year. These people should not be treated as criminals.” -Woody Harrelson in an interview with 420 Magazine.

Currently, 23 states have decriminalized medicinal marijuana and four states have approved cannabis for recreational use, but it remains illegal to consume marijuana on public property. This is what inspired Sean Roby, founder and CEO, to develop BudandBreakfast.com, a website directory that features lodging establishments that offer 420-friendly reservations. Roby saw the need for a way to connect marijuana users and patients with safe, comfortable, lodging facilities where they would not be judged for their choice to partake of cannabis. Check out http://BudandBreakfast.com for more information.