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by | Apr 2, 2015

Bud and Breakfast has emerged as a pioneer of the marijuana tourism industry, launching the first booking engine on the web designed to help travelers find cannabis-friendly accommodations.

Search results will return available accommodations in places that have legalized marijuana for medical and or recreational use, including U.S. states like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington as well as foreign countries like Jamaica, The Netherlands and Uruguay.

Since consuming cannabis in public remains illegal, Bud and Breakfast features apartments, cottages and houses were travelers can stay anduse marijuana in private.

“We want to provide an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards of quality, reliability and satisfaction for travelers who also wish to enjoy the benefits of this wonderfully healing plant,” said Bud and Breakfast founder and CEO Sean Roby in a statement. “This goes beyond people looking to smoke pot. There are families with sick children looking for alternative treatments and adults who live with handicaps being treated with cannabis.”

“Bud and Breakfast makes it possible to find a comfortable setting like a private home to begin healing,” added Roby. “It’s great to know we can help them.”

The website allows owners to list their property along with a description and nightly pricing. Owners can even break down what parts of their property are fine for cannabis use and which ones are off limits.

What’s more, owners can specify whether their property is vaporizer-only and whether marijuana will be provided at the location.

Meanwhile, website users can view photos of the property and access a booking calendar to see which dates are available. Like other popular booking engines, travelers can also narrow down their search results by filtering amenities.