Vaporizers are rising high! Just like the rest of the marijuana industry. Quite a lot has happened since the legalization of cannabis, and as the scene changes, different methods of consumption are developing also. Currently 23 states have approved marijuana for medicinal purposes. Four of those states have approved the use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Dispensaries have popped up, almost overnight, all over the United States. Several of these “pot shops” stock a wide variety of strains from which to choose. Customers and patients can choose from an assortment of edibles, tinctures, flowers, buds, and concentrates.

The days of lighting up a joint or smoking a bowl are becoming a thing of the past, however. New ways to ingest marijuana and enjoy the maximum benefit have emerged. Of these, use of a vaporizer or a “vape pen” is steadily growing in popularity. The general consensus is that vape pens are a safer way to ingest cannabis than smoking.

Fans of vaporizers say that they achieve a cleaner high than they would by smoking marijuana in the traditional fashion. Combustion of the plant using a pipe or in a joint can have serious effects on the respiratory system. Other potential complications can include irritation of the windpipe, while long term exposure to hot inhaled smoke can have a serious impact on lung tissue.Vaporizer

A vaporizer works by oxygenating the buds without incinerating them. This means that patients using a vaporizer can enjoy the same benefits of the strain that they are ingesting without exposing their throat and lungs to potential carcinogens that are typically released through burning. This is just one of many benefits of using a vape pen over conventional smoking.

Another common way that patients ingest cannabis is through edibles. While this is a safer method in terms of reducing lung exposure to smoke, there are still drawbacks to CBD and THC edibles. For many patients, the main drawback is the risk of over-consuming or over-medicating. The reason behind this is that it takes roughly an hour for a patient to fully feel the effects of an ingested edible. Furthermore, many edibles are typically used to treat body pain, so people seeking more of a “head high” might not benefit as much from an edible.

The vaporizer addresses all of the downfalls that come along with conventional smoking as well as edibles. Patients can achieve a faster result using a vape pen over that of ingesting edibles. They also have a wider variety of options in many cases when using a vape pen over consumption of edibles.

Fans of the vaporizer may want to carry it with them when traveling, but they must be careful. There are strict regulations about possessing a vaporizer. Additionally, not all vacation lodging facilities will allow the use of a vape pen on premises. If you are an avid vape user and want more information on where you are welcome to use your vaporizer, check out for a full list of 420-friendly accommodations.