With monumental movement in the recreational marijuana industry, doors of opportunity have swung open for both cannabis enthusiasts as well as “ganjapreneurs” alike. One industry that is experiencing a boom is a sector of the tourism industry specifically geared toward providing marijuana aficionados with a unique traveling experience. Currently, 23 states have approved marijuana for medicinal purposes while it is legal in four of those 23 states to consume cannabis recreationally.

There are strict regulations in place, however. For example, it is currently illegal to consume your Mary Jane in any public place or venue. Marijuana is being looked at somewhat like alcohol. Much like alcohol, it is not legal to ingest cannabis while operating a vehicle. Conversely, where it is legal to partake of alcohol in public facilities (such as bars, restaurants, and hotels), marijuana consumption is not currently allowed under law in any public place.

So what is a toking traveler to do?

420 Tours

Marijuana tourism trade comes into play. One popular vacation option available to avid cannabis fans are 420 or marijuana tours. These are tours that include private ground transportation completely equipped with everything a person could need to consume their recreational or medicinal bud legally. Think of this as somewhat like a party bus for marijuana smokers. VIP packages often include a driver, 420 concierge, and samples of various strains of cannabis. Some tours make stops at local dispensaries while others offer a more comprehensive experience. For example, High Country Cannabis Tours offers vacation packages in which ganja fans can learn how to cultivate their own salves, tinctures, vape oils, and edibles.

Marijuana-Friendly Accommodations

Not all hotels are as accepting of cannabis enthusiasts as one might think. In fact, in most national chains, travelers stand to earn themselves a night in jail if they engage in 420 while on the premises. This is leaving many marijuana users high and dry when it comes to having a safe, legal place to consume their smokey treats.

Enter BudandBreakfast.com, a website which specializes in placing 420-friendly tourists with marijuana-friendly lodging accommodations. This directory is an easy to use tool that makes booking a 420-friendly reservation as easy as a click of the mouse.

Lounges and Speakeasies

In some states, lounges and speakeasies are opening their doors to marijuana enthusiasts. These are specially designated locations where cannabis consumers can enjoy their ganja in comfort and privacy. These are also great places to meet and interact with other supporters of the decriminalization of cannabis.

While legislation continues to evolve, the laws surrounding what is acceptable when it comes to using marijuana responsibly is likely to also evolve. It is important to fully understand what the laws are regarding cannabis usage in any state in which you are planning a vacation. Being responsible and well-informed will make for an enjoyable experience in the long run.